Fish farming for self-employment

26 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We appreciate the thoughtful speech of our sagacious Prime Minister given at the 18th founding anniversary of the Awami Matshyajibi League. She urged the youths to become self-employed instead of running after jobs here and abroad. By turning to fish farming availing government facilities offered for such projects, our youths can serve the country in its journey of prosperity and development as well as become financially solvent themselves and generate employment for many others.

For a nation to progress in the international arena, it must compete using its natural strengths to effectively increase the position of advantage against competitors. At the same time, wisdom dictates that one is aware of reducing weaknesses by turning them also into strengths. 

Bangladesh is blessed with a rich network of rivers and water bodies distributed all over the country. For thousands of years, the lives and livelihoods of most of the people living in our countryside have been connected to the rivers and water bodies in their surrounding areas. Our strength is utilising the innumerable rivers and water resources of our country to our best advantage.

Bangladesh is also blessed with a huge population, which can be strength depending on how we utilise our people. Our innovative and hard working people will be our biggest strength if we wisely plan our economy incorporating the development of our population in various fields. 

Before, our village people hardly had to buy fish from the markets as rivers and water bodies near them were abundant in varieties of delicious and nutritious indigenous fishes. Over time the fish population decreased due to reduction of water bodies, use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers in agriculture and lack of awareness. Once there were many ponds in almost every area of the capital city too. Many lakes and streams flowing through the now busy concrete jungle of Dhaka were filled up to make way for the urban built up areas. This happened as we followed the western pattern of development which went against our natural assets.

We must retrace our steps and develop our water resources, plan our economy based on our indigenous strengths. Our wise leader calls for utilising our natural resources and assets to our best advantage to develop our economy and fulfil Bangabandhu’s dream of golden Bengal into the reality of a prosperous Bangladesh.