Accelerating mega project work

26 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It is heartening to know that the government has set aside a total of Tk 497.71 billion or 22.09 per cent of the total ADP allocation for 10 mega projects to accelerate the implementation process of the priority schemes. The much-hyped ten mega projects were catagorised as fast-track projects, but so far most of the projects, except the Padma Multi Purpose Bridge project, have been chugging along at snail’s pace since their adoption. If funding was an issue behind the slow pace of the projects, the allocation from the government’s annual development programmes will certainly prove to be a shot in the arm that the those projects badly needed.

To its credit the government has taken up the ambitious decision of implementing the 10 mega projects, which includes the Padma Bridge, Rooppur Nuclear Power, Rampal Power plant, Dhaka metro rail and LNG terminal project involving a total cost of around USD 40 billion. Once implemented, these projects will change the face of Bangladesh by spurring GDP growth as well as improving communication facilities.

But the government is apparently frustrated by the slow progress of other mega projects, and reportedly, the Prime Minister’s Office has asked the finance ministry to hold meeting with the ministries concerned to step up the implementation work of the development projects.

While it is true that the pandemic over the last one year has caused disruption in the development work, the government has been taking all out measures so that development works could continue even during the times of nationwide lockdown. However, many foreign experts involved in the projects got stuck in their home countries due to restriction on travel to tame the pandemic, and many got infected with the virus causing inescapable delay to the projects.

We all know that proper and timely implementation of development projects is necessary for the country’s economic and social progress. If the projects are implemented properly and timely, it will not only go a long way in nation building but also could generate employment opportunities for thousands.

Moreover, the government can fulfil its electoral pledges by ensuring efficient implementation of development projects. Most of the mega projects are missing deadlines. So, the authorities concerned must do whatever it takes to accelerate the pace of fast-track projects.