Double danger of Covid-19 and drug

25 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The speed of life slowed down, with all human activities almost at a standstill due to the onslaught of the surging corona pandemic. The deadly disease continues to challenge human civilisation and leave unimaginably adverse impact on life and livelihood, not to be reversed in any easy manner.

But criminals, especially the drug barons and their field level peddlers, are too tough to be intimidated by the deadliest bug. They go on with their criminal activities unabated despite the corona pandemic threat. In some cases they are rather taking advantage of the pandemic situation and making the fullest utilisation of the restrictive measures taken by the government to contain or slow down the spread of the disease.

As is usually the case with the criminals, they are very much creative and innovative in their criminal ways and quite often outsmart the members of the law enforcement agencies. Ambulances are believed to be widely used by the drug peddlers to distribute the banned substances like yaba, phensedyl and cannabis within the city, from the border to the interior and across the country.

During restrictions on plying of vehicles, authorities issued movement passes to ensure transportation of essential things like medicines, face masks and sanitizers. The drug peddlers somehow collected movement passes and used those to carry on illegal business. They used all sorts of vehicles including private cars, trucks and even oil tankers for the purpose.

The corona pandemic has caused immense harm to our economy and life. However, in course of time, mankind will surely come out victorious against the deadly disease. But the devastating effect of drug on our life, especially on the younger generation, will in course of time hit us like a tsunami and eat into the vitals of our society.

The fight against the corona pandemic has proved to be very tough; so is also the battle against the drug menace. The law enforcement agencies are making concerted efforts to contain drug proliferation but as lawmen seal one loophole, the drug lords create newer ones and altogether fresh tactics of spreading drugs. However, the menace should be defeated at any cost; crime busters should conduct research on the modus operandi of the criminals, equip them with sophisticated devices and thus be able to run ahead of the drug dealers.