Chinese vaccine: Sign of warm relations

23 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Standingby each other irrespective of race, colour and creedas well as nationality isthe only option that helps humanity overcome a severe crisis in different times, particularly during pandemics.  The on-going coronavirus epidemic has put us in a similar type of situation and accordingly, different nations have been trying to help one another as per their ability since the deadly virus hit the world. Therefore, China has stood by the people of Bangladesh from the beginning of the crisis, because of friendly relations and humanity. As a mark of warm affection to neighbouring countries, the producer country of Coronavac had sent a shipment of 5 lakh doses of the vaccine a few days ago and is now preparing for sending another 6 lakh as a gift for the people of Bangladesh.

The announcement of sending vaccines from China has come at a crucial time when the stock and supply of vaccines in Bangladesh are depleted. Besides, there is hardly any scope to get vaccines, even the shipment of procured vaccines from the Serum Institute, shortly. Consequently, the government has to postpone the nationwide vaccination programme to a future unspecified date. The country is now eagerly trying to sign new agreements with any source to buy vaccines but with little progress in the process. Under such a situation, the shipment of Coronavac will certainly help Bangladesh continue its vaccination programme and fight the endemic to some extent. We want to express cordial thanks to China for their gift.

Receiving vaccines from China is obviously a matter of relief, but the process to procure medicines from promising sources, including China and Russia, the two countries that the government has been trying to buy medicine from, should be speeded up. We expect that the government of China will also take necessary steps to exports vaccines to Bangladesh in the quickest possible time for the same reason that prompted it to send vaccines as gifts. Though the pandemic seems to be under control at present, we all know the situation may deteriorate any time. Therefore, both countries are expected to work together to defeat the pandemic and in need in the future.