PM to inaugurate 225 structures today

Special Correspondent

23 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to inaugurate and lay foundation stones of some 225 structures in the country today, marking the Mujib Year.

The aim of these projects is to make Bangladesh a disaster-resistant country.

“Prime Minister will virtually inaugurate 110 Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters, 30 Flood Shelters, 30 District Relief and Disaster Management Information Centers and 5 Mujib Killas and will lay foundation stones of 50 Mujib Killas across the country,” State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Dr Mohammad Enamur Rahman told reporters at a briefing at his secretariat office on Saturday.

The state minister said the ministry had been implementing structural and infrastructural programmes in a planned manner with the aim of building a disaster-resistant, sustainable and safe Bangladesh by reducing the loss of life and property in disasters.

Mentioning that under the direction of Bangabandhu, earthen forts, popularly known as Mujib Killa, were built to protect people’s lives and property from cyclones and floods, he said.  “In its modern form, construction, renovation and development activities of 550 Mujib Killas are underway in 148 coastal and flood-hit upazilas. As a result, people will be able to take shelter there and can protect their property from cyclones and tidal surge,” he said.

The state minister said some 320 multi-purpose cyclone shelters for the elderly, pregnant women, children and the disabled have been set up in the coastal areas.

About 2,56,000 endangered people and about 44,000 cattle have been provided shelter in these shelters,” he said.

Enam said that some 230 two-storey flood shelters had been constructed for the flood-affected people in flood prone and erosion-hit areas, which had provided shelter to about 92,000 people and 23,000 cattle.

 “As a part of the immediate response to the disaster, adequate relief supplies have been stockpiled and 66 District Relief Warehouses and Disaster Management Information Centers were set up in 64 districts to ensure that first aid supplies reach the affected people immediately after the disaster,” he said.

The state minister further said that necessary equipment including aquatic sea search-boats, marine rescue boats, megaphone sirens, equipments and vehicles have been provided to the concerned departments including the Fire Service and Civil Defense Department and the Armed Forces Department for conducting rapid rescue and search operations in other disasters including earthquakes.

“Integrated disaster management has made it much easier to reduce the risk of poor people through these programs,” Enamur said.

Secretary of the Ministry Mohammad Mohsin was present at the time of the press meet.