ADP Implementation Hits Snag

Govt plans big for next FY

Staff Correspondent

18 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The government has devised a much larger annual development plan for the next fiscal year despite a gloomy ADP performance even in 10 months of the current financial year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The annual development programme (ADP) execution has not crossed even the halfway mark during the July-April period of FY21 like the last fiscal year that was also hit by the similar crisis.

So far, 49.09 per cent or Tk 1,027.30 billion of the revised ADP outlay has been spent this fiscal year, down from 49.13 per cent during the corresponding period a year earlier, according to the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED).

In the previous three fiscal years, the rate was 54.94 per cent, 52.42 per cent and 54.56 per cent respectively.

The original allocation for the main ADP was Tk 2,051.45 billion which was later slashed to Tk 1.98 trillion in RADP.

If public corporations money is included in it, the FY21’s RADP size stands at Tk 2,092.72 billion.

Against this backdrop, the National Economic Council (NEC) is going to approve a Tk 2,215.60 billion main ADP for the next financial year today with a hope to collect Tk 1,338.60 billion from local sources and Tk 877 billion as overseas project assistance.

Given the implementation pace, IMED officials hope to achieve around 80 per cent ADP performance at the end of FY21 as they argue that the ADP spending usually gets momentum in the last quarter. In the Covid-hit FY20, 80.18 per cent RADP was finally implemented.

“The ADP implementation was low until March this year. But we’ve used our last fiscal year’s experience, which has a reflection in rising the implementation trend from April,” said IMED Secretary Pradip Ranjan Chakraborty.

Although the ADP performance remained slightly low this year in terms of percentage, the volume of expenditure is higher this year, he added.

  The overall expenditure grew year-on-year by Tk 3,890 billion or 3.94 per cent this year to Tk 1,027.30 billion from Tk 988.40 billion during the July-April period last year.

In the month of April, implementing agencies managed to spend Tk 149.96 billion or 7.17 per cent  of the ADP money, which was much higher than Tk 81.36 billion or 4.04 per cent spending in April last year.

During the first 10 months, the spending from local money stood at Tk 49.36 per cent or Tk 664.55 billion, down from last fiscal year’s 51.95 per cent or Tk 602.61 billion.

Similarly, the spending from project assistance slipped to 53.20 per cent from 62.48 per cent although the spending surged to Tk 335.17 billion from Tk 318.67 billion.

Of the top 15 ministries or divisions that fetched 84.63 per cent ADP money in FY21 managed to post 49.52 per cent overall ADP performance with science and ICT ministry coming top with nearly 64 per cent performance.

The Power Division posted 59.43 ADP implementation rate while Bridges Division managed 57.51 per cent, Prime Minister’s Office 54.46 per cent, Local Government Division 53.86 per cent and Railways Ministry 53.11 per cent.