Restrictions not enough

17 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The result of the lockdown going on for a month has been evident to all as the number of the coronavirus death toll and the infection rate, which had started increasing since the middle of March this year, is decreasing gradually. While people have begun feeling optimistic about tackling the second wave of the deadly virus, people’s mad rush towards their ancestral homes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr showing apathy to health guidelines amid the restriction has made policymakers and conscious people anxious about the probability of further deterioration of the situation. Hence, the government has rightly extended the ongoing lockdown for one more week.

Earlier, we saw that people were leaving the capital at any cost without paying any heed to the lockdown or health guidelines in their journey to homes, increasing the risk of corona infection. When the situation was so bad during a restricted time, it can be easily assumed what will be the situation if restrictions are withdrawn, as those people have to come back to their workplaces now. Therefore, it is justified to lengthen the lockdown, especially when a highly contagious new variant responsible for the deterioration of the coronavirus situation in India has been detected in our country. Time has compelled us to take all reasonable precautions to protect ourselves and our families from this invisible enemy. The mass people must play their roles by obeying the government orders in the fight.

However, if past experience is anything to go by, it will not be enough to extend the lockdown to face the problem relating to the return of people from their homes. The policymakers have to take some more steps with a view to facing the challenge. The returnees can be motivated to come back in a step by step manner based on their need and importance to joining works instead of rushing headlong all together. Even then, many people have to come back at a time. Hence, proper arrangements can be made for these people so that they can join their work in due time maintaining health guidelines. Still, it is the duty of mass people to follow government orders as responsible citizens and play their role in making the best of the government’s decision taken to contain the virus balancing lives and livelihood.