Metro Rail: A dream comes true

17 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The test run of the Dhaka Metro Rail in the capital, started the era of the electric train in Bangladesh. As everything starts with a first step, the age of modern metro rail has also started in Bangladesh with the 500 metre test-run. Metro rail is no longer a dream but an imminent reality; so is the modern pollution free electric train. This will bring an end to the rush hour traffic gridlock in the capital, which wastes millions of man hours on the roads every year and adds to the suffocating air pollution of the capital. All these benefits will be resultant once the metro rails start operation.

 Each set of metro trains will consist of six coaches with the capacity of carrying 738 passengers including two wheel chairs for the disabled. This opens the gateway to unlimited opportunity for disabled commuters in the capital. A total of 24 train sets will be used for the MRT-6 project, running on the 20km Uttara-Motijheel route to transport huge numbers of people much faster, saving millions of man hours wasted on the roads of Dhaka each year. We hope that similar services will eventually be started in other metropolises of Bangladesh.

 Commuting in MRT-6 will not only be fast but also very pleasurable for passengers, as each of the coaches have two air-conditioning units to keep the interiors cool. The trains will run at a maximum speed of 100 km per hour. Therefore, commuting time will be a fraction of the time it once took for city commuters. Moreover, the metro trains will be operated using an automated radio communication system, enabling it to be operated without any driver, which will reduce the possibility of human error.

 We appreciate the progress update from time to time by our honourable minister as the people are waiting impatiently for the start of the metro rail to end the woes of commuters in the capital. So far, installation of a seven-kilometre rail track has already been completed. Also, electrical and mechanical work and construction of side walls on either side of the viaduct are underway. A total of 13.80 kilometres of the viaduct has so far been installed. The rail track installation inside the depot has also been completed.

Let the introduction of the metro rail revolutionise the country’s communication system.