Spl TV programmes on Eid

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12 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Spl TV programmes on Eid

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr festival, television channels in the country will air elaborate programmes, including, films, telefilms, dramas, live musical programmes and celebrity gossip.  

Bangladesh Television (BTV) has drawn up four-day special programmes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. The programmes to be aired by the state-run TV channel included star-studded four  dramas. The dramas are ‘Fufur Eid’, ‘Sunno Ghore Purno Jiban’, ‘Bibah Bibhrat’ and ‘Ahlade Atkhana’ which will be aired at 08:30pm and 10:00pm on the eve of Eid, Eid-day, second-day and third-day of Eid respectively.

BTV will also air popular magazine programme ‘Ananda Mela’ at 10:20pm on the eve of Eid. The channel will also air live programme ‘Ananda Hillol’ at 06:30pm on Eid-day.  Noor Anwar Hussain has produced the magazine show.  The special attraction in the show is celebrity adda ( gossip). Actors Nusrat Faria, Tony Dias, Mir Sabbir, Shampa Reza, media personality Shykh Seraj and others will participate in the celebrity adda.

Popular private television channel Rtv will air a seven episode drama serial ‘Talmichri Na Hawai Mithai 2’ at 09:30pm from Eid-day to seventh day of Eid. Directed by Sagar Jahan, the play stars Mosharraf Karim, Sarika Sabrin, Arfan Ahmed, Pran Ray, Mukit Zakaria and others. 

Musical show comprises popular songs of Bangla cinema will be aired at 05:15pm on Eid day.  Comedy show Fun.com will be aired at 05:15pm on the sixth day. Himu Akram- directed single-episode drama ‘Gafur Kakar Tormuj’ will be aired at 08:30pm on the same day.  Popular actor Zahid Hasan, Sanjida Priti, Dr. Ejaj, Shamima Naznin and others will play roles in the drama.

Boishakhi TV will air 14 new dramas, including, 7 drama serials and seven single-episode dramas. The channel will also air 14 cinemas. The movies will be aired at 02:20pm and 11:35pm every day.

 Channel i will air seven new Bangla movies, 10 telefilms, and 15 dramas of well-known directors and artistes of the country. Besides, the special show of ‘Krishoker Eid Anando’, musical and dance show will also be aired.

Bangla movie ‘Sweetheart’ will telecast on Ekushey Television at 2:30pm on Eid day. 7-episode drama serial ‘Neel er Bou Rashi’ will be aired from Eid day.

Single-episode drama ‘Unmarried Couple’ will be aired on Banglavision at 5:05pm on 3rd day of Eid.   Rafiath Rashid Mithila and Jovan acted drama ‘Lovers’ will be aired at 7:50pm on 5th day.

Tawsif Mahbub and Safa Kabir starrer single-episode drama ‘Hello Ladies’ will be telecast on Deepto Television the 5th day of Eid.

Channel 9 will air 6-episode drama serial ‘Prem Samachar’ at 6:30pm every day. Single episode drama ‘Mina is More Beautiful than Tina’ will be aired at 7:00pm on 4th day of Eid. 

Mosharraf Karim starrer single-episode play ‘Kallu Sweeper’ will be aired on Maasranga Television on 2nd day of Eid.  ‘Ek Ticket e Dui Chobi’, another single-episode play, will be aired on 6th day of Eid. 

Seven-episode drama serial ‘Shefalir Premikera’ will be aired on NTV at 6:45pm from Eid day. Tanjin Tisha, Mukith Zakaria, Marzuk Russell and others acted in the serial.