Going home defying corona suicidal, says Zahid Maleque

Staff Correspondent

11 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Maleque said the homebound people are taking suicidal decision as they are making perilous journey without maintaining health guidelines amid the prevailing coronavirus situation.

“The homebound people are moving from one district to another district ignoring health guidelines, which resembles suicide,” he said.

The health minister came up with the statement while speaking at a virtual view exchange meeting with divisional officials of four bordering  areas of the country on Monday.

“Several thousands of people are dying in the neighbouring country India everyday for new variant of coronavirus. This coronavirus variant has already come to our country. In this critical time, if people during Eid go to villages, their

relatives living in the villages also may be infected,” he said.

Zahid Maleque feared that the coronavirus situation like India and Nepal may be created in Bangladesh after Eid as people are moving desperately in urban areas, and going shopping malls in big divisional cities including Dhaka.

He said, “All people, who have moved to India including their family members, will have to undergo corona test mandatorily. “Emergency step will be taken so that no transport in the bordering areas can go beyond their respective districts,” he added.

The minister also ordered to carry out coronavirus test massively in the bordering areas.