As insanity overpowers rationality

11 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

What make man different from all other animals are his capacity to think and his sense of logic. Because of having the largest quantity of the most developed thinking matter, i.e. the brain, a human being can distinguish between what is right and which is wrong and identify what is reasonable and which is unreasonable. They are, therefore, supposed to be the most intelligent species on earth and as such guided by rationality in their day to day activities. But very often they are found doing things in such a very stupid manner giving rise to serious doubt about the quality of their rationality and reasonableness.

Let us consider the case of thousands of home goers who thronged various terminals in their desperate move for ancestral homes in utter disregard for health rules. The entire human race is passing through a difficult time characterised by waves of coronavirus pandemic caused by fresh mutants of the deadly bug. In the yearlong episode of the disease, every lull in the rate of infection and death has proved to be a prelude to further aggravation of the situation.

Against the grim prospect of the surging pandemic, the authorities have repeatedly alarmed people about the danger lurking around and asked them to abide by vital health guidelines issued from time to time. But who cares? People in their mad rush for homes have hardly the time and the state of mind to take the warning seriously. They seem to be completely unconcerned as regards to what fatal consequences that they are going to subject their near and dear ones and the countrymen as a whole. All suggestions from the prime minister and experts in the matter and various administrative measures failed to dissuade the stubborn home goers from the dangerous journey. This insanity has raised serious question about man’s soundness of mind.

The curve in the second wave of Covid-19 took a downward turn in the country thanks to a host of measures by the administration. But given the thoughtless acts of the desperate home goers, another wave of the deadly disease with its fatal repercussions in the life of the people seems to be inescapable.