Stop desperate home goers

10 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Though the government has imposed restriction on intra-district bus services, announced just a three-day holiday marking the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr and asked people not to leave their stations with a view to containing the spread of the deadly virus, all of its measures are going to break down due to the unsupportive attitude of the people. People are madly rushing towards their villages to celebrate the holy occasion with their relatives violating the government order and paying no heed to health guidelines. These people are posing a real threat to their family members and relatives as well as countrymen in a greater perspective, exposing themselves to be victims or carriers of the virus.

That thousands of people were gathering at different spots in the capital and ferry terminals to leave their work stations by any means of transport is nothing but a farce. It is a common scenario of our country that people always make their way to homes ahead of Eids every year, but no special preparation has been taken to compel people to stay at their present stations. Though BGB has been deployed at ferry terminals, the situation did not change much as thousands of people were seen waiting at river crossing points like the previous days. Moreover, an allegation has been raised that some homebound people managed to hire vehicles in the presence of some members of law enforcement agencies. Now, it is a question if this is the time for showing negligence to one’s duty or doing something else for personal gain.

There is no way to show a casual attitude to handle the situation. Given the improving situation of the epidemic in the last few days, people started feeling less worried to some extent; but the madness of homebound people and the casual attitude of law enforcement agencies have been a cause for concern for them. If the people cannot be restrained from their desperate move for village homes, a catastrophe is going to hit us soon. The government, therefore, must take a hard line to stop these stubborn people from their emotional stupidity for the sake of the welfare of the country.