Economists blame globalisation for Covid-19 spread

Staff Correspondent

9 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Economic analysts have favoured localisation instead of globalisaion for Covid-19 as well as global economic crisis recovery and establishing a decent society free of inequality. 

The view came on Saturday at a webinar of Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) that came as a series of discussion on a book published by noted economist Prof Dr Abul Barkat. 

“Globalisation has been more pertinent during the Covid-19 pandemic. The spread of coronavirus is the result of globalisation. The virus has been spread across the globe,” commented noted economist Prof Mustafizur Rahman.

“It we want to find a solution to the crisis, we’ve to again go to different institutions of globalisation. Countries like ours could have produced corona vaccines, had their patents and licences opened,” he said.

He said Prof Barkat has right pointed out in his book about link between Bangladesh economy and globalization channels.

Citing the book, Prof Rahman went through globalization process, its impacts of Bangladesh economy and effectiveness of globalization institutions like World Health Organisation and the World Bank.

Leftist politician Comrade Khalequzzaman termed Covid-19 a natural revenge and said: “Destruction of Amazon and Sundarbans forest are the element of globalization.”

He thanked Prof Barkat for presenting a logical explanation and analysis with regard to globalisiation.

Citing from Barakat’s book, Ambassador Md Abdul Hannan said globalization is a matter of concern, but neo liberal globalization is more frightening.

He said the core weakness of conventional globalization and global Covid-19 pandemic is changing the character of globalisaiton. 

With the advent of vaccine nationalism, increase in unemployment and frustration, he suggested going for localization instead of globalization for establishing a decent society.

BEA general secretary Dr Jamaludding Ahmed, assistant secretary Sheikh Ali Ahmed, research associate Mazhar Sarkar joined the webinar moderated by BEA joint secretary Dr Md Liakot Hossain Morol.