Need more student-friendly approach towards education

9 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Since last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has revamped the overall education sector. Considering Bangladesh’ digital infrastructure, online education is still a luxury and not feasible considering frequent load shedding, costly mobile data and broadband disruptions. As an undergrad student myself, the meaning of education is fading in this online era, as students are assigned tons of assignments and assessments which are making life more miserable, leaving little time for recreation even while staying at home.

School going kids are more affected as many are yet to adapt to online classes, in return what they are getting are floods of assignments which is causing them to lose interest in studies and creating unnecessary stress, obesity and damaging eyesight.

Education is a learning process, all online classes should be interactive and include brainstorming sessions which is the ultimate purpose of education. For assessment purpose assignments are necessary but it should be limited.

Amid this raging pandemic many students are suffering mentally and financially. Many are losing their parents and near ones. Amidst these situations students have to cope with family crisis, loss and education pressures. So, more emphasis should be given on support in the form of counselling services from their respective institutions. While some teachers are benevolent enough, others are not much considerate. Education should be student friendly and educational institutions should evolve and adapt to these dire prevailing situations.


Rafid Alam, North South University