Eateries at the cost of trees!

7 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We are angry to know that a large number of trees at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan has already been felled and innumerable others are going to be cut down for development work. Why? The bosses in the administration consider that commercial eateries and walkways are essential everywhere and more important than trees, greeneries and environment – so important that it brooks no consultation with environmentalists and experts on urban development. How funny!

It could be learnt from a front page story of this daily yesterday that authorities cut down the trees to set up seven food courts at the Udyan all in the name of ‘beautification and environmental development’. It is beyond our intellect how trees can be inimical to beauty and environment and food courts environment friendly.

The planners have more arguments to put forward; from the point of view of their ‘Udyan Concept’, the trees in the park are standing in a very unplanned and undisciplined manner. Moreover, those trees are said to be creating visual impediment and hence the urgency of uprooting them. If that is the argument, all the trees of the park will have to be cut down because those have grown in a haphazard manner.

If placing the trees in certain order is really very much essential, those can be transplanted, instead of uprooting. Modern technology has the solution.

The project implementation authorities seem to be using a sleight of hand – one of putting a board that reads ‘work of planned greenery and environmental development’ evidently to conceal their anti-environment pursuit. But people are not to be fooled so easily. 

The number of proposed food courts seems to have certain meaning. It may be intended to signify the date (March 7, 1971) on which Bangabandhu delivered his historic speech right at this place. If so, why should those be restaurants or eateries? Why not something else, say sculptures or monuments that will really add to the glory of the great event? Food courts will only make the area dirty.

Obviously, the persons behind the mindless felling of so many trees still cling to an obsolete or outmoded concept about development and thus pit themselves against nature and environment. At a time when human civilisation cries for an environment friendly approach to development, such a harmful idea is completely unacceptable. Thoughts and ideas need to be modified with changes in time.