BTCL to replace phone numbers under ten exchanges

Staff Correspondent

4 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

BTCL to replace phone numbers under ten exchanges

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) is replacing the old five-digit telephone numbers under the Rajbari, Pangsha, Guyalondo, Baliakandi, Shariatpur, Damudya, Naria, Gosairhat, Zajira and Bhedarganj Telephone Exchange with 11-digit new numbers under a new exchange to ensure better services.

The old numbers beginning with 0641-65, 0641-66, 06424-75, 06423-56, 06422-56, 0601-51, 0601-61, 06023-56, 06022-56, 06024-75, 06027-56 and 06022-56 will be replaced with the new numbers beginning with 02478807, 02478809, 02478808, 02478809, 02478815, 02478816, 02478816, 02478816, 02478815 and 02478816.

The lists of both old and new numbers are available on the BTCL website at

The subscribers will be notified about the number change through phone calls.

Besides, they can contact the following numbers for further queries: 16402 (its call centre) or 060161000 and 064165000.