Let us join hands with PM

4 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Against the backdrop of people’s reluctance to follow health protocols as a measure to contain the coronavirus pandemic, whatever successes achieved in the field have been possible due to determined leadership and pragmatic plan of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She felt the urgency of vaccinating the eligible segment of the population to avoid any catastrophic consequence of the deadly disease and took immediate steps to procure the vaccine in adequate number. The quick implementation of the plan put Bangladesh among the handful of pioneering countries that took up massive immunisation programme.

A good number of people have been inoculated with the vaccine that could be procured so far. However, it is another story that the rest part of the vaccine could not be collected due to the hard domestic realities of the supplying nation. And there is hardly any possibility that the supplying side will overcome the crisis immediately and provide us with the remaining vaccines.

However, keeping fingers crossed is completely at variance with the temperament of our prime minister. She came up with the same determination of procuring vaccines. She affirmed on Sunday that the government would collect vaccines at any cost to protect the people from the deadly virus. Though it is an uneven war against an invisible enemy, Sheikh Hasina is the last person to backtrack from the battle field. Bangladesh has already come into agreement with China and Russia to collect and/or produce the vaccine here in collaboration with one of the latter while efforts will be on to collect the same from the first supplier.

The prime minister is trying her beset and leaving no stone unturned to protect us but all her efforts will produce no tangible results until and unless we play our role. People are supposed to abide by the health protocols out of their own accord and for their own interests but, sadly enough, they display a strong tendency to violate the guidelines. We have a competent general but as long as we in the rank and file are unwilling to fight, victory against the enemy will remain a chimera.