Bad lockdown impact on govt. offices

1 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Presently, a continuous lockdown is underway across the country due to alarming surge in coronavirus infections and upward mortality rate. This has resulted in long closure of government, semi-government and autonomous organisations. Most of these offices remain empty during this period. Officials and employees of all important organisations enjoy additional leave beyond their official leaves that they are entitled to enjoy. But, they will not have to pay for it. As usual, they will receive their routine salaries and other allowances even without doing any work, at all.This is also applicable to secretaries and other high officials who always remain indifferent to welfare of general people. But they are inclined to forget that their inflated salaries and other benefits are being paid from taxpayers’ money. Anyway, this is another story of public deprivation. Let us get back to the original topic.

Because of piling up of work in government offices, the country’s development gets affected to a great extent. Moreover, due to unscheduled closure of offices, the organisations which have transactions with government institutions are deprived of their bills. Lots of others even do not get their emergency services.The adverse effects of non-stop lockdown are difficult to estimate. But, it can easily be understood that it severely impacts the country’s development.

However, common people are the ultimate losers.On many occasions, they are found to lament telling that the officials who are at the helm of affairs frequently ask the government to extend the lockdown so that they can enjoy it by availing of all official facilities, including their salaries and allowancesremaining inside their residences. It is true that the woes of commoners multiply during lockdown period. So, they must act positively so that the government do not have to impose more lockdowns in the coming days. They should strictly follow the health guidelines to this effect so that the on-going lockdown works; otherwise people’s sufferings will never come to an end.