Corona Pandemic: Life at crossroads

30 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We are really at a crossroads as regards the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it absolutely depends on our collective decision and actions whether a bright future or one with dark shadow awaits us.

The invisible virus is undoubtedly a deadly bug and has, by this time, caused much harm to our life and economy but it can never be more powerful than human beings in the ultimate sense. Though at a high cost, we have to some extent learnt about the pathogen’slaws and properties and thus are already in a position to utilise the knowledge as a tool to fight the virus back. It has been proven beyond all doubts that strictly abiding by some simple measures like wearing masks in a proper manner, maintaining hygienic lifestyle and keeping safe distance from one another, we can defeat the enemy to a great extent. 

Let us have a look at our experience. At the early stages, we were really taken aback by the sudden onslaught of the unknown virus. But after the initial confusion, people around the world resorted to the old method of keeping social distancing and got wonderful results: Both infection and death rates started declining. But intoxicated by primary successes, we slackened our guard and, consequently, saw an abrupt resurgence of the pandemic. Both the infection and death rates took an alarming turn in Bangladesh and in many other countries. And again, as lockdown was re-imposed and people – willy-nilly – observed some health protocols, the situation started turning for the better. Now a number of hospital beds in the country are said to be vacant – a situation unimaginable even a short time back.

At this critical juncture of time, two paths are open before us: Either to strictly maintain health protocols and defeat the enemy or slacken guard and let the disease gain an upper hand. However, we have only one choice – abide by health guidelines in the strictest possible manner and stop further spread of the killer disease. No other thought is permissible here. We have overcome the first wave of the pandemic and are passing through the second one. Let us ensure that we will not have to undergo another spell of the pandemic.