Thoughtful generosity of Prime Minister

29 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Among the sectors that are suffering huge losses due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are also the print and electronic news media. The news coverage industry has suffered much from both financial setbacks due to loss of income from advertisements and also due to the loss of lives of brave journalists who are working day and night as fearless front liners in the war against Covid-19 to ensure that people get the latest news updates at all times.

Amid the prevailing gloomy situation, the donation of Taka 10 crore by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the Bangladesh Journalist Welfare Trust will go a long way to motivate the news gatherers, reporters, writers and those involved in keeping the people abreast with the latest news at all times, come what may. This generosity reveals that the PM understands who all are giving service to the people during this pandemic.

The fact that the PM has donated towards the journalists’ welfare during the bad time amid the Covid-19 pandemic reveals her deep sympathy for the people working in this sector. To do justice to Prime Minister’s generosity, it must be ensured that the financial assistance reaches journalists all over the country who are in most need of livelihood assistance during this hard time. We hope that not a single needy journalist anywhere in the country will miss out from receiving the pandemic financial assistance.

We appreciate the fact that our sympathetic and kind hearted PM is always prompt in taking actions regarding the welfare of the people of the country and also in finding ways and means to sail us through these tough pandemic times. Without exception, the PM’s kind generous thoughts for the welfare of the journalists will naturally be reciprocated by their sincere efforts to keep the country informed about health and safety matters, including the latest updates on national and world affairs to help our country move ahead with the times.