Rights defender turns predator

Mahabub Alam

28 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

As the chief of a human rights body, his responsibility should have been to raise voice against repression of children and women, and defend the victims.

However, Md Salahuddin, founder and director of World Human Rights Vision, has raped and sexually abused a minor girl for three years taking the advantage of her helplessness.

This is not the end to the story. He forced the victim to lodge a complaint branding her mother as a sex worker and women trafficker.

World Human Rights Vision, situated at North Badda in the capital, reportedly gives legal support to victims of various natures and provides educational help for poor children.

Salauddin took the girl to his office and raped her there for three years.

The incident started to happen after the victim’s mother went to Salahuddin’s office to get some legal support and educational assistance for her daughter as she was a divorcee.

Seeing the minor girl, Salahuddin started devising an evil plan to rape her.

He started it gifting a secondhand smartphone to her. He raped the minor girl just after gifting the handset to her.

This was not the end to the story. Salahuddin in his 40s forced the minor girl to lodge a complaint with his rights body and police, labelling her mother as a sex worker and woman trafficker. After such an allegation, the court sent the girl to a juvenile correctional centre from the custody of her mother.

The victim’s mother finally filed a case against Salahuddin with a Dhaka court on December 9, 2020 when the court ordered Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the complaint.

As per the directive of Mizanur Rahman, superintendent of police (SP) of PBI Dhaka Metro South, Inspector Mohammad Akram Hossain Majumder investigated the complaint and found that Salahuddin raped the girl and managed her to defame her mother as a sex worker and woman trafficker.

Salahuddin was also former joint general secretary of Dhaka North City unit of Bangladesh Human Rights Commission the licence of which was revoked by the government for using the word ‘commission.’

Contacted, Salahuddin told the Daily Sun that the allegations against him are false. “We just helped the girl and her mother. The girl’s mother is a sex worker and women and children trafficker. She made verbal contracts with some men to make her daughter do immoral acts with them. We have all the documents in this regard.”

He said the girl’s father married her to one Kamal Sarder.

But the victim’s father denied the claim, saying he did not know anything about the marriage of her daughter.

According to the case statement, the woman along with her daughter went to the office of Bangladesh Human Rights Mission, which is now World Human Rights Vision, at Cha 55/1, Kuwaiti Mosque Road at North Badda, for assistance after her separation with her husband in 2018.

Salahuddin assured them of providing legal assistance as his evil eyes fell on the teenage girl.

On August 29, 2018, Salahuddin tactfully took the victim, a 5th grader at that time, to his office from her school with a promise to give her a handset as a gift.

After taking her to his office, he gave her a secondhand mobile phone set and raped her with the help of his office employees -- Meghla and Emdadul Haque.

After the incident, Salahuddin asked the girl not to tell the matter to her mother. He also threatened her with dire consequence if she disclosed the matter.

As per his order, she did not disclose the matter to her mother or anybody else.

Salahuddin started to talk to the girl and washed her brain and abused her for several more times.

One day, the victim’s mother, who is an employee of a private clinic in the city, saw the mobile phone with her daughter and asked her who gave it to her.

The victim told that Salahuddin gave it to her. At that time, her mother broke the mobile phone into pieces.

Hearing the matter, Salahuddin got afraid that if the victim disclosed the matter to her mother, he might be in danger.

He then managed the victim’s father to take her to him (father).

On November 3, 2018, her father took her to him by dint of a court order. In November 2019, the victim returned to her mother.

At that time, Salahuddin continued to tell the victim that he would marry her. He left no stone unturned to manage her.

He finally succeeded in his evil attempt in 2020. He took the girl and abused her again. He also forced her to lodge a complaint with his rights body and Badda Police Station, stating that her mother was a sex trader and woman trafficker, and she tried to force her (victim) to do the immoral acts.

Getting the complaint, police produced the victim before a Dhaka court, which sent her to the juvenile correctional centre in Gazipur.

Realising her mistake, the victim contacted her mother and begged pardon. She then told her mother that Salahuddin raped her for several times.

Then, her mother filed the case against Salahuddin with the court.

Inspector Akram told the Daily Sun that Salahuddin raped the girl taking the advantage of her financial and overall weakness. “The medical report cleared that the girl was abused. In our investigation, we found that Salahuddin abused the girl after giving her a handset as a gift.”

He also forced the girl to lodge a complaint against her mother, he said.

About the marriage of the victim with one Kamal Sarder, the police officer said they did not find its authenticity.

The victim’s mother told the Daily Sun that Salahuddin, who has wife and children, ruined the life of her innocent daughter. “I seek exemplary punishment of Salahuddin,” she said.