Abdullah Suvro’s ‘Neel Foring’

Firoz Al Mamun

28 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Abdullah Suvro’s ‘Neel Foring’

It is Bengali month Poush. Cold wave sweeps over the country. At the dead of the night, Eklas is sitting in front of a tea stall owned by Moti Mia. The stall is located in Jholmolia village in the vicinity of Pubail. There is no other customer except the retired banker (Eklas).

Suddenly, a mysterious minor girl wearing red half pant appears. She is flanked by some grasshoppers. The girl introduces herself to be Nafila. She claims that her father is Eklas. In the utter peculiarity, the banker has to hear about his own family from the girl. Mr Eklas is baffled by the description. Nafila knows everything. He stared at the little girl in the dimlight.

Moti Mia cautions Eklas not to talk to the girl. Moti regards the girl as mysterious and supernatural. Previously, she came to the shop at night and got introduced to a customer. She claimed him her father. She told her name which is identical with daughter of that customer. The following day, his own daughter fell in a pond and drowned. Now, she is making repetition of the incident.

Eklas is frightened to know it. He has only daughter Nafila. She will sit for the SSC examinations. She is in an affair with a local boy named Saber who graduated from Dhaka University. But local chairman’s son Makhon also loves Nafila. Makhon is jealous of Nafila’s relations with Saber. Later, the affair breaks up. Makhon contributes to the split. Saber flies abroad taking a pique at Nafila.

The above story is extracted from a novel named ‘Neel Foring’ (Blue Grasshopper) written by Abdullah Suvro. The novel is shrouded in mystery.

Will Nafila get her dream person? Will reunion between Nafila and Saber take place?

The readers may be encouraged to find answer to some questions. They may tend to find a clarification as to crux of the problem and demystify the obscurity.

The novel can be procured from any book shop. It is also available at rokomari.com and kanamachhi.com.