People must abide by health rules

27 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Daily Covid-19 death tally dropped below for a brief period after enforcement of a countrywide lockdown. Many believed that the pandemic’s deadly surge will gradually lessen. But, the sense of relief was short-lived because Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours went over 100 again on Sunday. It is indeed a danger signal for all of us. Blame goes straightaway to people for their reluctance to adhering to the health guidelines.

After the so-called two-week strict lockdown, the authorities allowed shops and markets to reopen considering the woes of traders. Movement of people and vehicles rose sharply immediately. However, the traders were allowed to carry on their trading activities on condition that the health guidelines are followed strictly. But, in reality, the hygiene rules, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, were violated at random. At least, a picture of the capital’s Gausia Market that was published in this newspaper proved it beyond doubt.

People also started coming back to the capital hearing the news of easing lockdown restrictions. They bothered less to maintain social distancing and follow other hygiene protocols. Health experts have time and again made it clear that the effective way to slow the spread of the bug is to avoid close contact with other people, but their appeals went in vain. Now, people’s irresponsible behaviour has increased the fear of escalating the pandemic. In such a situation, strict surveillance is a must to oversee that people comply with the official directive of following hygiene rules.

In the meantime, a new coronavirus triple mutant variant has been detected in West Bengal. As border crossing is a regular feature, the government felt the need of taking urgent measures to curb the wave. It closed the border with India for two weeks. Earlier, the authorities suspended the international flights to and from Bangladesh. These are, no doubt, timely moves of the government who has no alternative, but to take strict measures to compel people to abide by the health safety guidelines.  But these measures will be of no benefit if people do not abide by health protocols.