Ensure use of quality bitumen

26 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Our highways disintegrate early due to faulty construction and low-quality bitumen. Rationally speaking, we hardly need an expert to tell us that. Ask any layman, they will give their piece of mind regarding the causes of their travails on the highways. One needn’t be an expert to surmise the obvious.

 All government work orders are supposed to follow a standard operating procedure (SOP) of checks and balances for quality maintenance. Therefore, making scapegoats of only the importers will encourage the actual wrong-doers directly linked with the low quality construction of the highways to get away scot free. In fact, both the contractors and the supervisory authorities of the Highway Division must be held responsible for any discrepancy in the construction standard of highways. Otherwise the system develops where a distant person is made an easy scapegoat while the corruption persists.

 If any highway disintegrates before a certain period of usage, then all the people connected to its construction and monitoring should be held responsible instead of just one person. All public works are basically teamwork; therefore, the entire team should bear the brunt if it fails the test of time.

 Since the Road Transport and Bridges Ministry has directed to use 60-70 grade bitumen on road construction, then that quality must be strictly maintained. Rather than seeking scapegoats in material importers, any discrepancy in the work standard must be blamed on the construction team and the monitoring authorities. When the proper people will be held responsible for the job they have done, there will be visible improvement in the work output.

Wasting of public money must be strictly dealt with at all times. Establishing accountability, taking responsibility for one’s own action and removing the culture of passing the buck must be enforced for systemic improvement that ensures a job gets done perfectly every time.