Heart-wrenching tale of a woman

25 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

In our society, there are some people for whom dignity and self-respect are everything. They never deviate from their principle, does not matter what situation they are going through. Even coming under the threat of starvation during this coronavirus pandemic, they keep their morale strong enough not to beg or seek financial aid from others. They are trying heart and soul to earn a dignified living by doing hard labour or tiny business like selling face masks on the streets. A photograph and its related news published in yesterday’s Daily Sun has brought out a story of such a woman who was selling face masks sitting beside a street and keeping a six-year-old girl in her lap but initially felt shy sharing the sad story that led her to do so.

Despite experiencing a serious challenge to survive since her husband felt sick and lost job during the latest lockdown, she did not take the begging-like easy option to earn her livelihood, just thinking of it as disgraceful for her and her family. Though she was selling face-masks on the streets she felt uncomfortable to roam around, which might boost sales. But her spirited mind dreams that if she becomes successful this time to confirm two square meals of a day for her family members, she will be victorious in arranging money for her husband’s treatment in the future. It is the spirit we should also salute.

It is significant to help the poor during any crisis moment like the deadly pandemic, but standing by the people trying to do something respectful is also essential to give them their much-needed confidence to fight such a situation. If these people become successful in their attempt, it will surely inspire many others to follow their paths that ultimately decrease the number of help-seekers in society. These people are the force that helps us overcome difficulties and move on in every situation. So every citizen must stick by these people and support them.