A cautious reopening

25 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

After a slight decrease in daily Covid-19 cases in the last couple of days, and also amid the mounting plight of working class people due to lockdown, the government decided to reopen shops and markets from today. No doubt this is a bold but cautious move which came as a sigh of relief to millions of small investors, traders and workers across the country. After the enforcement of strict lockdown for two consecutive weeks, most of them lost their only means of livelihood. Losing their daily earnings, they obviously failed to arrange daily food for themselves and their family members. As a consequence, they had to either starve or remain half-fed during the lockdown period. The latest official decision is aimed at mitigating the economic hardships of this section of the people.

 But, the traders and the shop owners have to play a responsible role in this regard so that corona infection doesn’t rise again from shopping malls which will invariably invite another round of lockdown. They must ensure that health guidelines are followed strictly in their respective shopping malls.

Shoppers have to ensure that customers are wearing face masks and maintaining physical distancing. If they can make sure that health guidelines are maintained strictly, they will be able to continue their business without any hassle. As they have pledged before the authorities to strictly abide by the health rules, we may keep hope that at least this time the traders would not show any indifference towards their civic responsibility in their own business interest. Let us wait and see for the outcome.

Finally, people have undergone immense suffering during the lockdown period. It is hoped that they have learnt a good lesson from their bitter experience and will become well aware of the new normal situation. So, it is expected that they would spontaneously follow the hygiene protocols. If each and every member of society acts in a responsible manner, then the deadly virus will be defeated once and for all.