Developing Green Habit

Responsible and reasonable consumption a must

Wares Ali Khan

23 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Green habit denotes the conduct which is environment-friendly and does not necessarily defy the norms of being our vicinity environment improved, better and safer. It implies an attitudinal change that makes our living environment clean, safe, and sound. While utilising any variety of resources, leaving the surroundings orderly and green simply refers to our lifestyle of possessing a green behaviour.

Instead of riding motorcar or gasoline-run vehicles for a short distance, we may walk or ride a bicycle which can ensure less energy consumption, conserve energy resources, and sustain the environment as well. The tendency to drive within a short distance consumes spare energy where the future streaming of energy resources might be shortened. We should have an environment-friendly attitude in respect of using energy resources for the sake of our finer living.

We ought to be more responsible especially when we are consuming energy resources. We must switch off electric home appliances and gadgets when they are not in use. So far, we can use natural shades of trees as a cooling measure instead of using an air conditioner at home. If we can afford this practice, this will keep us healthy and trim down the superfluous consumption of energy resources simultaneously.

We might have experienced that many of us waste resources like allowing the gas stove to burn hours after hours to save a match stick or drying up the wet clothes over a gas burner in place of drying under the sunlight or in the open air. This sort of irresponsible behaviour will surely circumscribe our consumption of natural resources. Such an utter unreasoning consumption and negligent attitude towards the natural resources might generate additional pressure on available natural resources.

We have to habituate with the 3Rs like reducing the uses of resources, reusing them so that they can yield more utility, and recycling the resources. These three processes of using resources will prevent the inessential uses of natural resources, and preserve resources to serve more purposes in the future.

It is to be noted that natural resources are limited on this earth. If we miscarry to shrink the surplus use of the resources, we will certainly run short of those shortly. Therefore, wise and decent use of natural resources can help to preserve resources and conserve the natural environment. Hence, appropriate usage of natural resources must turn as a mandatory provision determined by self-endeavour in our mundane routine of energy consumption.

We should have a green attitude whenever we use things at home. We have to ensure the optimal utilisation of the resources and things needed for our day-to-day life. Wise and reasonable use of things at home will pull up the wastage. Instead of throwing used materials here and there, those should be thrown into the bin and of course in a specific spot. All kinds of industrial cum commercial wastages and liquids must go under strict measures to be treated by the industrial treatment plants before they are getting dumped. The policy and provisions concerning surveillance should stringently be maintained. A special task force might be formed and remained functional to tackle and supervise routine management of the industrial wastages.

The government should inevitably formulate a green energy generation policy. Instead of running gas, oil, and coal-based power projects, our country might head for expanding its solar energy plants which are considered an eco-friendly and cost-efficient venture. Our neighbouring country India has already launched an example of green energy generation modelling where we are lag behind. Concerned bodies need to have projected plans to promote solar power-based energy generation modelling in Bangladesh. The largest solar power plant in Mymensingh provides electricity in the national grid, which may be the driving example in this context. Many developing nations are currently heading to alternative energy generation based on solar power because of its eco-friendly and cost-effective features. The investment in the fossil fuels-dependent mega projects of power generation in the country might be reconsidered.

To err is human is an established assertion. We have to forgo our uneconomic disposition by raising awareness on preserving natural resources. The inconsistent usage of resources will impede our eco-friendly living space and transform it overburdened successively with an acute exhaust. So, comprehensive awareness-building campaigns must be accomplished voluntarily in this regard.

We should reshape our everyday attitude with the trait of a green lifestyle where we can develop and adapt green behaviours to protect the environment, and augment healthy and better living.


The writer is an academic