Inmates passing good time amid zoo closure

Staff Correspondent

23 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Inmates passing good time amid zoo closure

Animals in the National Zoo in the capital are enjoying their time in a serene and tranquil environment due to the closure of the wildlife park following a rise in coronavirus cases. The photo was taken on Thursday. —sun photo

As the government closed the National Zoo at Mirpur in the capital for the 2nd time on April 2 last due to a sharp rise in coronavirus infections in the country, animals in the wildlife park are getting relaxed and enjoying their time in a serene and tranquil environment.

Despite their captivity in the cages, animals, including tiger, deer, giraffe, zebra, hippopotamus, monkey, ostrich, horse, peacock and emu, look livelier.

No visitor annoys them and throws nuts, bananas or other food scraps to them.

Being freed from annoying experiences, they are spending good time in their cages.

Meat, grains, apples, cucumbers, sugarcane, watermelons, roots, grass  and leaves are concocted every morning for the animals.

They are getting much rest and breeding properly in absence of public gatherings. Some 41 animals gave birth to new babies in 2020 while at least 60 animals have been born so far this year in the world’s 4th largest zoo in term of area (186 acres).

Every day around 20,000 visitors usually come to explore the zoo. Through selling tickets to them, the government earns more than Tk 12 crore per year.

There is no possibility of reopening the National Zoo if the coronavirus situation does not improve.

In the meantime, the authorities can concentrate on its future management strategies and the ‘Modernisation of Bangladesh National Zoo’ project.

Till then, 2,700 inmates of the National Zoo can enjoy the lull.