Huawei launches intelligent vehicle components

Special Correspondent

22 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Huawei launches intelligent vehicle components

At Auto Shanghai 2021, Huawei, the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, has launched its next-generation intelligent components and solutions for intelligent vehicles.

At the session tiltled ‘Focused Innovation for Intelligent Vehicles’ Huawei has made this announcement.

These products are designed to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) building  advanced intelligent vehicles and enable the Chinese automotive industry to upgrade their technology and become a pioneer of new energy and autonomous driving. Huawei considers innovative automotive components as its long-term strategic opportunity. The company will continue to channel more investments into this field, particularly into the development of autonomous driving software, to build an advanced independent driving system, said a release. 

This year, Huawei will form a team of over 5,000 people working in the R&D of intelligent automotive components, and its investment in this field will be total US$1 billion. By nurturing high-end talent through R&D centers in Europe, Japan, and China, Huawei aims to strengthen its product competitiveness, focusing on innovation, thereby delivering better products and optimal driving experience to customers.

“Huawei Inside is designed to integrate the company’s technological strengths with the vehicle manufacturing capabilities of automakers to build high-end intelligent vehicles that will provide a more enjoyable driving experience,” commented William Wang, President, Intelligent Automotive

Solution Business Unit, Huawei. “Facing an accelerated transformation of intelligent vehicles, Huawei is committed to lighting up the future of autonomous vehicles through innovation.”

Based on its years of experience in optical technology and its leading futuristic technology, Huawei has rolled out a high-performance AR-HUD. The 10 L AR-HUD can transform an ordinary windshield into a 70-inch HD screen and intelligently adjust the projection area by tracking users’ eye movements. Its robust visual identification and AI capabilities deliver an immersive visual experience and driving assistance.

The full set  includes  4D imaging radar, AR HUD, MDC 810. The 4D imaging radar delivers a unique non-line-of-sight (NLOS) sensing strength that helps detect hidden objects while maintaining superior distance and velocity measurement capabilities of the traditional mmWave radar. It allows performing functionally regardless of ambient lighting and bad weather. On top of that, Huawei’s 4D imaging radar has a high resolution and can confidently detect objects with a more extensive detection range.

 The MDC 810 is a mass-produced intelligent driving computing platform with the industry’s highest computing power. Equipped with the MDC Core (including the intelligent driving operating systems AOS and VOS) and a complete toolchain, the MDC 810 can enable high-level autonomous driving functions such as Traffic Jam Pilot (TJP), Highway Pilot (HWP), and Auto Valet Parking (AVP).  Huawei MDC is an open, standardized platform aiming to boost the growth of the intelligent driving industry.

Huawei has officially announced its latest HD map cloud service capability and roadmap at the product launch. Currently, Huawei has obtained grade-A surveying and mapping qualifications to produce electronic navigation maps and developed comprehensive HD map data collection and mapping capabilities.

After four years of research and development, Huawei has rolled out the most integrated, intelligent thermal management solution for vehicles. Through integrated design, centralized components, and control functions, Huawei TMS has achieved 100 percent improvement in energy efficiency, 60 percent improvement in calibration efficiency, and improved user experience. 

At Auto Shanghai 2019, Huawei has officially announced its entry into the automotive components industry for intelligent vehicles. And over the past two years, Huawei has established extensive cooperation with major global automakers. This year will witness the launch of several flagship models using Huawei’s intelligent components, marking the commercialization of Huawei’s smart automotive solutions.