Global leader, thinking globally

22 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

With reference to stakeholders across the globe, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina concluded her speech at the conference of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) on Tuesday underscoring the need for thinking together, working together and growing together. She noted that in the current state of globalisation, every country has to do its part for common good and nations and economies will have to look out for each other, as no single country in this world can sustain on its own. This is not just a call for international cooperation in tackling common issues; it is one of the basic tenets of her approach to problems that mankind faces today.

This core philosophical orientation prompted her think globally while dealing with domestic issues. Bangladesh is reeling under the devastating impact of Covid-19. The country finds it difficult to strike a balance between life and livelihood. The government led by Sheikh Hasina is making utmost efforts to meet the greatest ever challenge, mobilising all possible resources for the purpose. It is because of her prudence that Bangladesh could become one of the first countries that initiated massive Covid-19 vaccination drives.

However, while doing so, she did not forget the miseries and agonies of the people of other countries. This is why she felt it necessary to see vaccines as global public goods, meaning that it should be made available to all in the global family.  It is from this spirit that she called upon vaccine producing countries to help others produce the same with a view to attaining universal vaccine coverage.

Sheikh Hasina is undoubtedly a national leader, rightfully concerned with the socio-economic progress of the country and the wellbeing of its people. But, because of her distinctive leadership trait, she cannot keep her eyes closed to the miseries of the world people. She thinks globally even while dealing with purely domestic matters. A unique combination of concern both for the people of Bangladesh and the world people permeates all her thoughts and actions. Sheikh Hasina is a leader of global stature; she is a global leader.