Make people obey lockdown rules

21 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Given that people in general are failing to grasp the gravity of the Covid-19 situation and the death toll from the pandemic is rising day by day, the government has extended the ongoing countrywide lockdown for another week till April 28. Although the lockdown proved to be a nightmare for business as well as the low and middle-income people, we as a nation must strive to derive maximum benefits from the lockdown in taming the virus. Because the pandemic is spreading rapidly and its reach is widespread. Infection rate is alarmingly high across the country, but, sadly, most people are still showing no regards for health guidelines, let alone following the directives of ‘strict’ lockdown.

Law enforcement agencies are trying their best to contain public mobility and randomly fining people for their unnecessary outing, but without the people’s spontaneous participation in following the guidelines, the lockdown turned out to be a farce to a large extent. Yesterday the country recorded highest death toll of 112 from Covid-19 in previous 24 hours. So, if all the people don’t make a concerted effort now, the pandemic situation might go out of control.

The country is now in the middle of a ferocious second wave recording over 5,000 infections and more than 100 deaths daily. Apparently, the ferocity of the second wave of Covid-19 is scarier than the first one because of the presence of UK and South African variants which are highly contagious. Therefore, it is high time that we stood together as a nation in fighting the pandemic. Every citizen must behave responsibly in this crisis period and follow the lockdown directives.

At the same time the government should take measures so that working class people can have two square meals a day without venturing out of their home. The lockdown has robbed the means of sustenance of millions of day labourers and all those who live on hands to mouth. And thousands of low and middle income people are in a difficult situation due to unemployment, unpaid salaries and dwindling income. Effectiveness of lockdown will largely depend on how the needs of this section people are fulfilled. Apart from the government, the well-to-do sections in society must come forward to stand by the needy.