Chicken price drops

Staff Correspondent

20 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Chicken price drops

Prices of broiler and sonali chickens in Dhaka have declined as the market is affected by the strict lockdown.

Since the restaurants and events like marriage ceremonies are closed now, the demand for the chickens have fallen, the traders said.

Besides, a large number of residents have left Dhaka as the lockdown begins.

The customers are, therefore, also low in number in the market, said Ohidul, a chicken trader in Mohammadpur.

A visit to kitchen markets in Dhaka on Monday found that the broiler chickens were sold at Tk 140 per kg, down from Tk 150 a week ago and Tk 160 last month.

Sonali variety of chickens was sold at Tk 250-280 per kg compared to Tk 290-300 per kg a week earlier and Tk 340-350 a month earlier.

“The hotels and restaurants usually buy more than half of our stock every day. But due to the lockdown they almost stopped buying chickens for hotels,” Ohidul said.

“If the lockdown is extended, the prices will go down further,” he feared.

Ohidul said the general consumers were also not buying as much as they did a month ago. The whole meat and egg markets have been hit hard by the

poor demand in the lockdown. However, the demand for eggs usually drops as the consumption of bakery and confectionary foods falls, said the poultry traders.

The poultry farmers are experiencing difficulties to sell their chickens after the lockdown has begun.

In normal time, the month of Ramadan boosts demand and the prices also spiral up.

The pandemic severely weakened the demand since the last year. The last Ramadan was also a shockingly dull time for businesses. The second wave of the virus has destabilised the market again.

The current strict lockdown began from April 14, followed by a seven-day lockdown when businesses were open for a limited time of the day.