Lockdown breach unpardonable

20 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

After a lull for a few months, coronavirus started raising its ugly head countrywide since March 10 this year. To contain spread of the virus, the government adopted various measures, including operation of bus service with 50 percent passengers. Instead of abiding by the new rules of social distancing and wearing facemasks, people were found to have responded to the official measures quite differently. But, the virus did not spare them; rather it started taking a heavy toll regularly. As the government is determined to contain the virus, it enforced a week-long lockdown from April 5.

Later, considering untold sufferings of commuters, it allowed operations of public transport. At the same time, small traders demanded resumption of their business during Ramadan. Considering their plight, the government allowed their trading activities on condition that health protocols would be followed properly. But, in reality, the hygiene rules were violated at random both by the traders and the customers. Amid doldrums, the lockdown passed in a slackened manner.

People not following the anti-Covid-19 rules have caused another 8-day lockdown what the authorities termed as ‘strict lockdown’ from the 14th instant. But, on Sunday, the 5th day of the extreme measure, we found in a press photograph along with a story about a massive traffic congestion on the city’s Rampura road. What is more shocking is that similar snarl-up occurred in other city thoroughfares, including the Airport road. Not only automobiles, but a large number of people were seen walking close to each other. It is evident beyond doubt that people are taking the battle against the coronavirus lightly by not following the lockdown guidelines and thereby weakening the nation's fight against the pandemic.

But, why the coronavirus lockdown rules will not be obeyed by the citizens? Flouting shutdown rules goes against the law of the land and the need of the hour; those who violate the measures should be punished to ensure strict enforcement of the lockdown. So, law enforcers should be granted extra powers allowing them to enforce the lockdown regulations more strictly. People should be warned asking them either to follow the health rules or face a ban on outdoor exercise.