Cyber Crimes

69pc victims face sexual harassment by relatives

Staff Correspondent

19 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Some 69.48 percent of the cyber victims are facing sexual harassment by their relatives who post pictures and videos of private moments on the internet.

In 33.8 percent of the cases, love affair between the victim and the offender was reported and in 35.71 percent of the cases, the perpetrator was already known.

The information was revealed through a research report titled 'Sexual Harassment through Misuse of Technology in Bangladesh' prepared by a research team of Dhaka University and published by Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation on Sunday. 

This report was prepared by analysing 154 crime incidents from January to December 2020 collected from national and regional newspapers of the country.

On this occasion, a discussion meeting was organised and Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation Kazi Mustafiz presided over the meeting.

Speaking of the report, experts said unless awareness is raised from the grassroots level about the controlled use of technology, this social disorder will take a serious turn.

In his speech, Chairman of Department of Psychology of Jagannath University Prof Dr Noor Muhammad said proper parenting among children from adolescence is very important in preventing such crimes.            

"Adolescents need consistent appropriate sex education from school to university level and at the same time, the youths should be given suitable work for religious-social education and proper use of time," he added.

The level of crime varies at different times of the year due to different circumstances, said Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Department of Criminology at Dhaka University Khandaker Farzana Rahman. 

"Currently, due to lockdown, online activity has increased as well as cybercrime. Therefore, it is necessary to take more awareness programmes to prevent crime," she added.

In addition, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Cybersecurity and Crime Division at Dhaka Metropolitan Police Syed Nasrullah said many people are involved in crime because they are not aware of the law.

Those who have technical knowledge are more prone to commit crimes, he added.

Nasrullah also said the government has a plan to set up cyber units in every police station by which it would become easier to control such crimes.

According to the report, 92.20 percent of the victims of sexual harassment in cyberspace are women.

The highest number of victims is between 18 and 30 years, with about 56.49 percent and 32.48 percent victims are minors (under 18).

The age analysis of gender-based victims shows that the number of female victims was much higher than that of men between the ages of 18 and 30 and under 18 years of age.

But in the case of victims over the age of 30, the number of males is higher.

Senior Lecturer of East West University Monira Nazmi Jahan, convener of the research cell of the organisation, gave details of the research report and Computer Network Engineer Syed Zahid Hossain was present at the meeting.