Help survive day labourers

18 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The second wave of coronavirus has pushed the country into a severe crisis.We are witnessing the lethal blow of the deadly virus every day. In such a grave situation, the government had no alternative, but to enforce a week-long countrywide lockdown to contain the relentless advancement of the virulent virus. The all-out shutdown has come into effect from the 14th instant.

Consequently, the livelihood activities have come to a virtual halt. People belonging to well-to-do section of society have the capacity to carry on for a longer period, but the disadvantaged are quite unable to afford it. As for instance, the daily wage earners, who have no money in reserve, but to meet only their immediate needs, are the worst sufferers. They straightaway bear the brunt of the lockdown that has snatched away their sources of livelihoods. Their survival is at stake. Because of scarcity of jobs, many of them are compelled to remain either unfed or half-fed along with their family members.

As per version of the health authorities, they had no option, but to take the tougher step in a bid to protect people from the onslaught of Covid-19. But, the marginalised people have lamented before the media workers that presently they face deaths from starvation, not from virus. Can anybody imagine their plight? During the second lockdown, thousands of informal workers like the day labourers have become more vulnerable following their loss of income, food insecurity and lack of social safety programme. At once, they need government support.

The prevailing crisis is a humanitarian one in nature. So, it is not a time to play the role of silent spectators on the part of the affluent section of society. They should also come forward to help generously these hapless people. Moreover, the ongoing Ramadan is a month of charity. Fasting Muslims are duty-bound to help their less-fortunate brethren. They should donate to the fellow Muslims both in cash and kind in the form of Zakat and Fitra. Our fasting will never be complete if we keep a blind eye towards our poverty-stricken neighbours.