Politician or fraudster!

18 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Though politics is believed to be for the people, a group of politicians is often headlined for their work against people, in particular for crimes like land grabbing, drug dealing, public money embezzling and so on. According to our report, the latest inclusion in this group is Shamsul Hoque Chowdhury, a whip of the National Parliament. Reportedly, the MP from Patia, Chattogram, has allegedly grabbed the land of others through forgery. It is not the first time he comes to the limelight for a negative reason. He faced severe criticism after taking a stance supporting casino business and gambling in clubs and for criticising the drives against them. Allegation has it that he amassed a large amount of wealth through illegal casino business. His past record reminds about the opportunist politicians whose only concern is to make money.

The list of such criminals in the guise of a politician is becoming longer day by day. We know about many such people and their relatives who have always been trying to exercise their political identity and influence to attain their personal interest, no matter whether the way is legal or not. These influential people’s desperate attitude and greed are turning into a social menace day by day. It is disheartening that parties have been giving the nomination to such politicians for different elections, depriving genuine politicians having political visions and influence at the grassroots level.

People elect public representatives believing in them to be the best and ideal person to stand by in need and lead the country honestly and sincerely. But when some of these people or their close ones become directly or indirectly involved in criminals activities and hardly face any punishment because of their political affiliation, a feeling of helplessness arises among the masses, resulting in social unrest. It is not an exaggeration that the action of these influential people is the prime cause of our downward social and political situation and moral degradation of people to some extent. They are the enemy of the people, their own political party and the country. Therefore, political parties must throw away these ill-minded people. They must not allow anyone to use political identity to make a quick buck, tarnishing the image of politics and their party.