Panic buying puts shoppers, traders at risk of corona infection

Staff Correspondent

14 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Consumers flocked to grocery shops and kitchen markets on Tuesday to buy essentials ignoring health rules, increasing the risk of getting sick or infecting others.

A large number of consumers were seen gathering at shops, kitchen markets, and super shops on Tuesday ahead of the strict lockdown for a week from April 14.

Supermarkets and grocery shops across the country faced a huge rush of customers on the day and some commodities went out of stock out due to panic buys.

The shoppers were hardly following any health guidelines.  People were mostly buying rice, atta, pulse, chickpea, sugar, potato, chicken, beef, onion, garlic, edible oil, dates and salt in bulk in fear of shortages if the lockdown extends further.

Many traders have increased the prices as demands increased and their stock decreased. The panic buying has also strained the supply chains, resulting in picked-over shelves, long lines and increased prices.

Aminul Islam was shopping at Mohammadpur kitchen market. Asked why he bought the essentials in a huge quantity, Aminul said he wanted to have a good stock of essentials at home as the strict lockdown and the start of Ramadan may affect the supply cause a hike in price.

Roman Ahmed, a grocery shop owner in Mohammadpur, said the supply of commodities hampered last year during lockdown that increased the prices. “Shoppers are buying in bulk to avoid such crisis,” he said.