Enforce lockdown strictly

14 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

As the immediate past lockdown proved to be ineffective, the government has re-imposed a strict lockdown for a week from today. During this period, people will be compelled to stay at home at any cost. Following a steady fall in cases, hospitalisation and deaths during the first two months of the ongoing year, the Covid-19 pandemic re-emerged with a mutant strain from the second week of March. The situation worsened rapidly mainly due to people’s blatant disregard for the health safety rules.

The authorities concerned imposed a seven-day lockdown on April 5 in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. But, because of resumption of operation of public transport and reopening of shopping malls, the restriction did not yield the desired result. It proved to be a total failure by pushing the country towards a greater risk of Covid-19. Ultimately, the situation took a terrible turn when the country recorded 83 corona deaths in 24 hours on Monday. Finding no alternative, the government re-imposed the week-long ‘all-out lockdown’ with a 13-point restriction.

During the period, all government, semi-government, autonomous, private offices and financial institutions will remain closed. Operations of all public transport, including buses, trains, water vessels and domestic flights will be suspended. Daily staples, including kitchen ingredients, can be sold in open places from 9:00 am to 3:00pm. But, the kitchen market authorities or the local administration will have to ensure that the health rules are followed in toto. 

However, buying medicines and daily staples, seeking medical treatment or burial of the dead will be allowed. People can visit the vaccination centres to get the shots, but they must carry their vaccination cards. Let us wait and see as to how the latest lockdown is implemented.

However, we cannot restrain ourselves from saying that the number of coronavirus deaths could have been reduced to a great extent if authorities had introduced such extreme measures much earlier. Anyway, it is better late than never. To bring out the desired results, the lockdown must be enforced strictly and people must maintain the health protocols in a conscious manner.