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Book on telemedicine published

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12 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Book on telemedicine published

A new book on the role of telemedicine in pandemics was published publish comprising story of frontline health workers.

The struggle of doctors and other medical staffer serving as frontline staff during the pandemic is depicted in the book, titled "Hello Daktar Apa." The book can be purchased at

The fascinating tale of Dr Swarna, as told by writer Rahitul Islam, will make readers understand the plight of every doctor, nurse, and health-care worker. It's a story about humanity and creativity in general.

Rahitul's novel ‘Freelancing and a Tale of Love’ created a lot of buzz among readers and has been recognized as a "best-seller" by various book platforms. It has also been adapted into a television drama that has received a lot of positive press in the local media.