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ZTE releases 5G white paper

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12 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

ZTE releases 5G white paper

TE Corporation recently released the 5G messaging technical white paper, which fully elaborates on future solutions. The white paper aims at building the 5G killer service, to better serve the public and thousands of industries.

The messaging service is the basic service for operators. ZTE, by virtue of its 5G network technologies, took the lead in proposing the 5G messaging solution, said a news release from ZTE Bangladesh. With the advent of latest technological evolution, standard development and terminal development of networks, 5G messaging is divided into three categories.

According to 3GPP standards and capabilities, the 5G networks and terminals will support SMS over NAS (Non Access Stratum).

The 5G SMS still provides the basic SMS services, with the functions and experiences being the same as those of the traditional SMS.