Coping with Covid

10 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It seems that Covid-19 is not going anywhere, at least for three to four years or as long as herd immunity is developed through vaccination or previous infection. Therefore, learning how to fight the contagious disease better by maintaining a delicate balance between life and livelihood is imperative for us.

Speaking at a programme, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina too highlighted the importance of balancing between livelihoods and public health. It is because a majority of our people cannot afford to stay home for long without doing anything. They must go out to save their business, job or simply to eke out a living.

Taking all these into account, the government has rightly opted for reopening shopping malls and city bus services, in spite of the fact that the country is passing through the second wave of Covid-19. The death and infection figures related to the pandemic keep getting worse.

Only last week the government put the entire country into lockdown for one week, but already a number of sectors had to be reopened considering the socio-economic situation. People are desperate to come out ignoring lockdown rules and law enforcement agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep people off the roads. Against this backdrop, we think making people follow Covid-19 health guidelines is the only option. Otherwise, lack of awareness or carelessness can be costly.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis. Delicately handling issues that come between life and livelihood is indeed a dilemma. Both life and livelihood are intertwined and equally important. So we must tread carefully. We can neither afford to stay hunkered down in fear of catching the virus, nor can we afford to get carried away with the premature assumption that nothing will happen to us. So, learning how to protect ourselves from getting infected with the Covid and how to fight it back once infected is a must for all of us.