Allergy, vaccine side effects or Covid-19 symptoms?

10 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

1 Worried about catching COVID right now?

More than a year after the pandemic’s peak, cases continue to surge in a staggering manner, hampering vaccination drives as well. Some, who have received one or full doses of the vaccine are testing positive. For some, post-vaccination side-effects present similar to that of a COVID infection.

2 Early detection crucial to fighting the pandemic

What’s puzzling is that the surge in cases is being recorded during the spring season, infamous for the rise in allergies and pollen fever, where symptoms could again be similar to that of COVID.

3 How can you distinguish between symptoms?

The vague similarity and manner in which symptoms come up can be confusing. It is also making many perplexed, whether or not to get tested, which can be quite a risky

In a situation like this, how can you differentiate between what your symptoms are?

What’s the way to differentiate between an allergy or COVID?

If you have been received your COVID-19 vaccine shot, how can you differentiate post-vaccination symptoms from the infection?

4 Why do allergies and COVID have similar symptoms?

It can be really tricky to tell apart allergy symptoms from that of COVID-19, especially if both happen to be prevalent at the same time. The crucial distinction can also help kids. While children are more prone to allergies, it is being reported that kids are turning out to be symptomatic and getting infected during the second wave than before.

For one, both an allergy infection and COVID bout could present symptoms that primarily impact your upper respiratory tract such as that of a cough, loss of smell, cold, runny eyes, rashes, headache.

5 What symptoms can be different?

The key to differentiating your symptoms comes down to itching and fever, according to experts.

Itchy skin, nose, eyes or throat could be signs of inflammation and more commonly seen with allergies. Right now, itching isn’t considered a sign of COVID-19.

6 What are post-vaccination side effects?

Post-vaccination side effects are considered to be the inflammatory reactions you get after you have been administered a vaccine jab.

Vaccines mimic the infectious germ and unleash similar ranging symptoms, meaning that some of the inflammatory reactions with the vaccines could also be similar to the infection, since they are mostly fever, rashes, tiredness, headache, all common with COVID vaccines.             —Times of India