Corona Update

63 more die, 7,462 cases detected

Staff Correspondent

10 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Sixty-three more people died of coronavirus infections and 7,462 new cases were detected in the country during the last 24 hours till Friday morning.

According to Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), 7,462 new infection cases have been detected and 63 more Covid-19 patients died in the last 24 hours till Friday morning.

Earlier, 6,854 cases were reported on Thursday, 7,626 cases were reported on Wednesday, 7,213 cases on Tuesday, 7,075 on Monday, 7,087 on Sunday, 5,863 on Saturday, 6,830 on Friday, 6,469 on Thursday, 5,358 on Wednesday, 5,042 on Tuesday and 5,181 on Monday.

However, the number of coronavirus infections in a single day crossed a 5,000-mark for the 11th consecutive day yesterday.

The DGHS data says the total number of infection cases has increased to 673,594 with the detection of 7,462 new cases. The number of daily infection cases has risen further in the last 24 hours as earlier it was 6,854 on Thursday.

The total number of deaths from the deadly pathogen has reached 9,584 with 63 new deaths in the last 24 hours till Friday morning as the death rate has stood at 1.42 per cent which was 1.43 per cent on Thursday, 1.44 on Tuesday, 1.45 on Monday, 1.46 on Saturday and 1.48 on Friday.

However, the daily infection rate was 23.57 percent on April 9 which was 20.65 per cent on April 8, 22.02 per cent on April 7, 21.02 per cent on April 6, 23.40 per cent on April 5, 23.07 per cent on April 4, 23.15 per cent on April 3, which was 23.28 per cent on April 2, 22.94 percent on April 1.

Some 3,511 more patients have recovered from the fatal disease in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of recovery to 5,68,541 in the country till the day.

The recovery rate has been reported 84.40 percent on Friday which was 84.82 on Thursday, 85.19 on Wednesday, 85.69 on Tuesday, 86.19 on Monday, 86.68 on Sunday, 87.23 on Saturday, 87.64 on Friday, 88.21 on Thursday, 88.73 on Wednesday, 89.15 on Tuesday and 89.54 on Monday.

The DGHS said 13.62 percent of the samples have been diagnosed with coronavirus till the date while 23.57 percent samples have been diagnosed with the fatal disease in a day.

A total of 31,879 samples, out of 31,654 collected, were tested at 243 labs in the country during the period, the report added.

A total of 49,47,412 samples have been tested so far to detect coronavirus infection across the country.

The first case of Covid-19 was detected on March 8 last year while the first death was recorded on March 18 the same year in the country.

The number of coronavirus tests and new infection case detections started to decline in the first week of July last year and the fall continued till the first week of March this year.

However, the numbers of infections and deaths started rising further from March 10 and jumped to the highest single-day cases on April 7.

The DGHS said it has identified more than 31 districts of the country as highly transmitted areas.