A bold move by UGC

6 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A few years ago, some public universities located outside Dhaka were allowed to open liaison offices in the capital for a certain period of time to conduct emergency activities. However, the long existence of these offices has diverted them from their actual purposes. Some of the Vice Chancellors (VC) of these universities have turned these liaison offices into key offices with the time and have started taking important decisions and performing regular official duties staying in Dhaka instead of their respective campuses. Allegations are there about the misuse of the offices and the wastage of public money as different meetings are arranged here spending special allowance for it. Therefore the University Grants Commission is rightly going to take steps to shut these liaison offices and not to allow new ones under any condition.

The practice of performing duties staying outsides the campuses creates different problems for the university authorities. Operation from liaison offices, both for the short and long term, is a barrier for the university authorities as it becomes difficult for them to reach their administrative head in urgent need. On the other hand, the physical presence of VC at campuses certainly impacts others positively. Honesty and punctuality of a VC would surely inspire, make others bound in some cases, to be punctual, while his absence and unprofessional practice may let wrongdoers feel less worried about the consequences of their misdeeds. That the universities would be a perfect place to produce knowledge, along with practising all the virtues needed to be a good human being and a conscious citizen is much expected. And attaining these goals largely depends on the physical presence of a VC at the campuses.

The decision should have come much earlier as all of these are old allegations. However, better late than never; we hope that the resolution decided in principle would be implemented in the quickest possible time. The UGC must also seal the loopholes that create scope for opportunists to indulge in wrong practices. The universities and their faculties must have a clean image to put positive impacts upon the students and the society, and the UGC has to ensure it.