Slack enforcement of lockdown

6 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A policy shows the path and guides action but becomes useless and loses its purpose until and unless it is enforced with due diligence. It was proper for the decision makers to take stock of the fast aggravating corona pandemic situation and adopt an action plan to curb the spread of the deadly virus. This initiative was absolutely necessary to save life and the economy at this critical juncture of life. As part of this people have been asked to strictly follow health guidelines and railway, public transport, waterways and domestic air travel services have been ordered to stop operation from day one of the lockdown.

Everything was fine up to this but the problem started henceforth. On other weekdays, sufficient number of traffic and other law enforcement personnel remain present on the streets to discharge duties. But the scenario yesterday morning was altogether different; presence of law enforcers on the city streets was conspicuously thin, with almost none to enforce the lockdown. The result was that people were moving as carelessly as usual – wearing no masks and without maintaining social distancing. Reluctant mood of the launch passengers noticeable in a front page photograph of this daily yesterday does not reflect an iota of seriousness to the pandemic reality.

Roughly in the same period last year, however after initial ignorance and lack of understanding, people took the spread of coronavirus more or less seriously. But it is completely different this time. The administrative personnel also seem to have been infested with the same lackadaisical approach to the problem.

Under the circumstances, there is every possibility that the very objective of the lockdown will remain unachieved; we will have to pay much in terms of life and livelihood. However, everyone should be serious about the deadly virus: Administration needs to enforce the coronavirus restrictions diligently while people in general are required to strictly follow health guidelines to save life. Any compromise on this question will lead to fatal consequences.