Removal of 2 Teachers

Jalalabad Cantt Public School students stage protest

5 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

SYLHET: Students and alumni of Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College staged a protest in front of the campus against the removal of two teachers for not abiding by a dress code that extends to regulating facial hair and beards. 

The two teachers have been identified as Abdul Halim, of the physics department, and Mujahidul Islam, of the ICT Department, reports UNB.

They were allegedly suspended for keeping beards, and taking class in panjabis.

The protestors withdrew their program at 5:00 pm following a meeting with the college authorities, who denied suspending the lecturers. Rather, school authorities reminded them of the option to resign, in case of irreconcilable differences - in this case over abiding by the dress code.  Ariful Islam Reza, vice-principal of the college, explained as much to the agitated students on Saturday afternoon.

He also mentioned that the news circulating in social media about their suspension was fake. Yet no-one was particularly bothered by the difference. Unsatisfied students continued their protest till evening. To them, the college has discriminated against the individuals on the basis of their religious adherence, and it being the overwhelming majority’s faith, Islam, makes it even more unacceptable. To them, it signals a creeping Islamophobia.

The demonstrations only ended on condition that the authorities reconsider the entire case, including the demands of protestors.