Seating-service or cheating-service

4 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Numerous vehicles ply on the city roads for the daily passengers. Among these most popular for the masses are the buses. Most passengers prefer the bus to reach their destination. Many passengers get on the seating service buses to go to their destination quickly and comfortably. But unfortunately the seating service buses do not follow any rules and regulations. They increase the fare in the name of seating service and are doing huge business by earning a hefty sum. Even their motto is "No half pass". As a result, usually students cannot get on any of these buses. Though they are calling themselves seating service, they are carrying innumerable passengers standing, sitting and hanging, from whom they are charging even more. And when passengers protest against their misdeeds, they say, "If you don't want to go, get off the bus." It is a matter of sadness that, now almost all the buses claim themselves as "seating service" to get higher fare. The fare for the so called seating service is really very difficult and embarrassing for the passengers. I am drawing the attention of the authorities to solve this problem. Because, it is time to stop the rental trade in the name of bus seating service.


Md. Sirazul Hossain, student English

Department, Dhaka College, Dhaka