Pak magazine lauds Bangladesh success

1 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Earning recommendation for graduation from LDC status, Bangladesh has announced its potential to all. Now, the country has been recognised as one of the fastest emerging economies around the world, crossing the border of a particular region. While the world lauds the success of Bangladesh, a section of Pakistani people has joined the drift. In its March issue, a Pakistani magazine namely SOUTHASIA has published a total of seven stories highlighting the successes and achievements of Bangladesh and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. That the people of Pakistan, the country that once kept no stone unturned to keep Bangladesh down during their 24-year rule, have been familiar with our success is undoubtedly a great pleasure.

In the pre-liberation period, the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and other leaders always protested the misrule and oppression of the Pakistani rulers. Pakistan considered the then East Pakistan nothing but a colony and, thus, never thought of the socio-economic development of this part. During their regime, they exploited us by all means. Moreover, the Pakistani occupation army had done all possible damages during the Liberation War. Despite all of these difficulties, it takes only fifty years for Bangladesh to turn back, thanks to the energetic and industrious people of the country and visionary leadership of the prime minister. It has once again proven that our leaders were right in the decision to get separated from Pakistan. It also suggests that we would have already been a developed country had it not been ruled by the Pakistani autocratic governments.

Reading the success stories of Bangladesh, the people of Pakistan now realise and recognise the truth – Bangabandhu and the people of the Bangladesh were completely right in their anti-Pakistan movement. The magazine also points out Bangladesh’s economic performance and all-round achievements as ‘unprecedented in the region and worth emulating’. These are the facts that make us proud and encourage us hold our heads high. The world now knows that whatever happens to the people of Bangladesh, they can stand tall and achieve what they want to achieve.