Pvt varsities provide professor emeritus post in violation of law

Staff Correspondent

31 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Some private universities provide ‘Professor Emeritus’ posts for teachers, violating the Private University Act-2010.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday issued a letter signed by its director Omar Faruque, asking private universities to refrain from providing ‘professor emeritus’ posts to teachers.

The UGC sent the letter to all private universities and asked the teachers, who have already got the ‘professor emeritus’ posts from the private universities, not to use the posts.

According to the UGC, a ‘professor emeritus’ post is a very respectable post which is usually provided for the renowned professors of public universities for their outstanding contributions to research and education.

There is also a specific rules and procedure to provide the post by public universities, the UGC said.

Private universities have no power as per the Private University Act to provide with anyone with a ‘professor emeritus’ post.

But some renowned private universities are providing the ‘professor emeritus’ posts in violation of the law.

The UGC, however, said there is no problem if any teacher who got ‘professor emeritus’ posts from any public university will work at private universities and use the post.