Do we really have to keep up with fashion?

Amreen Farhana Kabir

29 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Do we really have to keep up with fashion?

Fashion is a constantly changing trend. To keep up with fashion, people often feel out of place. Fashion has several unintended adverse effects. Since, it is highly affiliated with physically appearance. It has become an addiction to many.

Many people in the world have increasingly been conscious with how they look. They constantly compare themselves to the others by a lot. By doing that it affects their personality, moods and also even attitudes toward other things.

Many young people have been more in favour in fashion rather than getting educated with morality, ethics and what is right and wrong. Many people are so blind to fashion rather than education.

Many people, especially young teenagers are spending half of their time buying make-up and clothes. Many people have been spending time flexing or impersonating someone else because of the low self-esteem. Many people are so depressed and self-conscious on who they look and their physical appearances.

The people who feel who cannot afford the newest fashionable clothing experience low-self-esteem and develop negative attitude toward positive things in their live.   

 Many young girls have been caught in various webs of addiction to shopping while not having enough money to even pay for them. It ruins the inner peace of mind.

However, fashion is not so important. It is neither going to save us from emergencies nor improve quality of lives. Therefore, if we take the very bold step of walking away from this trifling trap, we will definitely realise that fashion is and never was important for any of us.   

                — The writer is a student of class eight